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Join us 2nd Friday’s For The 2024 2nd Friday Art Walk IN PERSON!

Studio 23, Ryan LaLande & Resistance Press will be open every 2nd Friday between 7PM-9PM.
Check individual galleries for exact hours.
Art of the African Diaspora Alameda Satellite Locations
Alameda Art of the African Diaspora Satellite Locations
What: Art of the African Diaspora Alameda Satellite Locations
Where: Alameda, Ca 94501
When: Opening February 9th (Check locations for exact times
Official Website: https://artpush.org
RSVP: Meetup.com/Alameda-Artists or Facebook https://fb.me/e/6yEDGymxe
Artwork: Download 300 hi-res image

Make a fun night of it and stop in to all 5 Alameda satellite locations including;

The Fireside Lounge https://www.thefiresidelounge.com
Alameda Island Brewing Company https://www.alamedaislandbrewing.com
Resistance Press https://www.instagram.com/resistancepress510
Studio 23 Gallery https://www.studio23gallery.com
The Alameda Theater https://www.alamedatheatres.com

2nd Friday Art Walk Update: We are working on reviving the 2nd Friday Art Walk website. Bear with us while we get our act together.  🙂
Coronavirus Update: Thank you for the support over the last two years. As galleries begin to open up, please check in with each one individually to find out what their Covid mandates are. We hope the Art Talks helped you get through the last two years! I know they helped us.  Visit Art Talk Archives!

Visit the 2nd Friday Art Walk Facebook Page for details on all Alameda and Jingletown Art Shows.  Also be sure to check out WABA & The Point! There are a lot of amazing things happening in Alameda right now.

2nd Friday Art Walk & ArtPush bring you 2nd Friday Art Talks with your host Victor Mavedzenge.  Art Talks are temporarily on break while we make new plans. 





Friday Art Walk is a community effort in Alameda and Jingletown. We are organized by several groups and individuals. Wes and Jess run this website and also run the Alameda Artists Meetup and Facebook Group, The Alameda Summer Art Fair and Studio 23 Gallery. You can learn more about the 2nd Friday organization here. Find more local events here. The technology portion of this site was developed by Entexture. Check out drawing classes in Alameda at Studio 23.

Second Friday Art Walk is funded in part by a grant from the City of Alameda Public Art Fund.