Meet The Host

Victor Mavedzenge

Victor Mavedzenge was born in Zimbabwe. He studied fine art at The Slade School of Fine Art in 2008-2010 where he earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree. He currently lives and works in Berkeley,  California.

Artist’s statement – “I am foremost a painter, and consider drawing and painting to be a foundation of visual art. I also work in mixed media, performance, and new media. I come from Zimbabwe, a socially and politically charged country. My work engages the philosophical idea of the “human condition”, with respect to individuals and as part of a larger whole, for example, a community or country. In particular, my work explores how the human condition is influenced by censorship and oppression in its various forms.  Personally affected by the political, economic, and social mismanagement of my home country, I have worked by necessity in an abstract style which is intentionally ambiguous yet deeply expressive.”

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