East Bay Artists 2021 Art Book

 Join us 2nd Fridays at 7:30PM For the latest  2nd Friday Art Talk!

Coronavirus Update: 6-11-2021 The physical 2nd Friday Art Walk is no longer happening. Covid-19 has forced many locations to close or to change their business and there are no longer any locations participating in Second Friday.

2nd Friday Art Walk & ArtPush bring you 2nd Friday Art Talks with your host Victor Mavedzenge.  VIEW THE LATEST TALK!




Friday Art Walk is a community effort in Alameda and Jingletown. We are organized by several groups and individuals. Wes and Jess run this website and also run the Alameda Artists Meetup and Facebook Group, The Alameda Summer Art Fair and Studio 23 Gallery. You can learn more about the 2nd Friday organization here. Find more local events here. The technology portion of this site was developed by Entexture. Check out drawing classes in Alameda at Studio 23.

Second Friday Art Walk is funded in part by a grant from the City of Alameda Public Art Fund.