Alamedans for Fair & Open Public Arts Fund



* Alamedans for a Fair and Open Public Arts Fund

Alameda Coalition for the Arts is a local advocacy group comprised of creators, venues, and citizens (aka YOU!) with a shared goal — to foster and promote more performing and visual art in Alameda. Through this shared vision, we hope to increase exposure for local artists and provide a platform to have their voices heard to create a more vibrant community.

  • Help foster and promote more visual and performing arts in Alameda
  • Increase exposure for local artists
  • Create a more vibrant community

> Why “No Cap” Matters Now!
Ok so here it goes, and mind you I’m no writer, I am an artist…

New developers are required to submit funds towards public art. They can choose to give the money to the city’s art fund or contract their own art/artist.

So basically if they are going to build something a certain % has to support local and public art. Could be a sculpture, etc Many developers choose to let the city decide where that $ goes. Some developers, like Wallgreens on Park Street used their art fund to display gigantic stockart images on their windows. And yes, that’s considered public art.

Right now the city of Alameda has a cap. That means when the money gets to a certain amount, no more can be added! (Where does it go??? Who knows…)

San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley are just a few of the many cities that currently have an art fund with no cap. We would like the cap removed for the art fund in Alameda.

It’s crucial it happens now! We may never again have this amount of development in Alameda. Every month, week, day it gets dragged out is money that we could have used to make Alameda more awesome with art! We’ve basically already missed 2017. And we’ve been trying to do this since 2016!

What can you imagine? A mural tour? Interactive installations at crown beach? It’s endless what we could do here for our city.

We need to encourage the city to remove the cap while artists can still benefit from the current development.

Please come show Alameda you care about art!

Join us to help Alameda come alive with art and creativity. It is important to the artists, it is important to the bay area. It is important we don’t give up. We all need to be a part of this to succeed. We need the support of the community. We all need to work together to keep art alive in Alameda!

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