Virtual Art Walk June

 Live Stream Virtual Art Walk on 2nd Friday, 7:30PM “Artists in challenging times.How are they doing and what is the outlook?” Interview by Victor Mavedzenge

* Watch June 12ths 2nd Friday Art Talk.  See more information about the artists below.

“Artists in challenging times.  How are they doing and what is the outlook?” with host Victor Mavedzenge 

With the world facing so many challenges, artists are deeply impacted. With no exhibitions, shows to perform at or an audience to visit their studios, the economic and social impact is immeasurable.
You are invited to a panel discussion led by Victor Mavedzenge in collaboration with where artists discuss their state, coping mechanisms and hopes for the future.
Panelists to be announced Monday 8 June 2020
Date:June 12 2020
Location :
Time 7:30  -8:30 PST
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Introduction to 2nd Friday’s guests

Malik Seneferu

Find original African American art created by artist Malik Seneferu in North Richmond, California. Malik’s Art is proud to feature the original art of Malik Seneferu, a contemporary fine artist and painter. Malik’s art has been featured in art galleries across the world. Invest in african american art today. An original Malik Seneferu his paintings feature magic realism themes, as well as extremely intense colors to express the way it feels to be a young person. He enjoys painting primarily about his youth and the concepts of beauty. Every painting is one-of-a-kind and he has a series of up to 1,000 different paintings.

Malik also creates illustrations using a variety of mediums, such as pencils, ballpoint pens, and oil pastels. He also creates mixed media pieces using markers, pencils, paint, sand, and many other items that he feels belongs in the piece. Furthermore, Malik uses found objects to create original pieces of art.

Suzanne Wang

Living on the Big Island of Hawai‘i, I have been greatly inspired by my natural surroundings and multi-cultural society. It is a land full of interesting shapes and organisms, which extend out into the food, arts and crafts. Strongly influenced by the East Asian aesthetic and the beauty of imperfection, I am passionate about exploring form and texture on the clay body. Making structural or abstract shapes that are thrown or hand-built out of coils and slabs, I strive to create timeless work that goes beyond just functional ware. By merging old and new, or folk art sensibilities with the contemporary, I hope my work evokes a story and connects to people in an intimate way.

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