Virtual Art Walk

 Live Stream Virtual Art Talk on 2nd Friday, 7:30PM Interview by Victor Mavedzenge

“”What Is Color?”  with host Victor Mavedzenge

  • August 14th Topics
    “What Is Color”. Navigating a turbulent landscape as we go through the pandemic with racial tensions in the air, how do we approach color. Has our palette been impacted?
  • Upcoming de Young Open Exhibit: Learn more about the upcoming de Young Exhibit and meet a few of the artists who have been accepted.
    The de Young Open, a juried community art exhibition welcoming submissions by artists who live in the nine Bay Area counties.


With the world facing so many challenges, artists are deeply impacted. With no exhibitions, shows to perform at or an audience to visit their studios, the economic and social impact is immeasurable.
You are invited to a panel discussion led by Victor Mavedzenge in collaboration with where artists discuss their state, coping mechanisms and hopes for the future.

Date:August 14th, 2020
Location :
Time 7:30  -8:30 PST
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Introduction to 2nd Friday’s guests

Yolanda Cotton-Turner:
Art Accepted as part of the DeYoung Exhibit: Lithograph of the Black Panthers program.

Zoë Boston:
Art Accepted as part of the DeYoung Exhibit: ‘The voice of Silence”

More guests TBA

* June 12ths 2nd Friday Art Talk.  See more information about the artists below.
“Artists in challenging times.  How are they doing and what is the outlook?” with host Victor Mavedzenge 

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